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Are you a ’Tween girl, full of special plans and hopes for your life? Have you run into challenges—maybe even roadblocks? What's a Girl To Do? Take a break from your busy life and check out the website created just for you. Then curl up with a friend for some Chick Chat or be encouraged by Shine On, Girl! and Girlz Rock. Then click on the Blog for Girls button above and let's connect!

See the four book reviews below also at Mustard Seed Book Reviews.


Book Review: Devotions for Girls!

This morning I have 4 books to dangle in front of you! These books are filled with devotions that every girl will totally identify with. Not to mention... the covers are cool-looking and what I'd like to call- "eye-candy"!
My daughters and I agree that these books are a must have and we completely believe that in this case~ YES, YOU CAN JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER!
(FYI: If want to for-go reading this post and just jump to buying, click on a cover or scroll to the bottom of this post!)


No Boys Allowed: Devotions for Girls
This short, 90-day Faithgirlz! devotional for girlz ages 8-12 is written in an upbeat, lively, funny, and tween-friendly way, incorporating the graphic, fast-moving feel of a teen magazine.
Every girl dreams of being pretty on the outside, but what about on the inside? This book provides girls with a heart and soul makeover. Devotions like Million Dollar Hair offer plenty to think about. No girl will look at her hairbrush quite the same when she finds out how much God cares about every part of her, even the hairs on her head!



Chick Chat

This ninety-day devotional will "totally" help girlz connect with God, as well as learn his will for their lives.
What girl doesn’t like a nice cozy chat with a friend—especially a friend who understands everything about her? In Chick Chat, you’ll learn how to build that heart-to-heart connection with the One who loves you best. Each devotion brings the Bible right into your world and offers lots to learn and think about- from the values that will be good for a lifetime to the things you can do to survive every day.









Shine On, Girl!
This ninety-day devotional will "totally" help girls connect with God, as well as learn his will for their lives. The daily reading features ways to apply God’s word to everyday life and will boost the confidence and faith of young readers so they can shine on in new, powerful ways.
This ninety-day devotional will “totally” help teen girlz connect with God, as well as learn his will for their lives. Here come ninety more great devotions for girls! In the style of Girlz Rock, No Boys Allowed, and Chick Chat, Shine On, Girl! speaks the language of girls ages eight to twelve. The daily reading features Scripture and a devotion to help her apply God’s Word to her everyday life.
And here’s more! • “More to Explore” and “Did You Know” sections point to other related passages. • “Girl Talk” poses simple yet thought-provoking questions to think about on her own or talk about with friends. • “God Talk” is a short prayer that gets her started offering thanks and concerns to God.• Scattered throughout are bonus health and beauty tips and fun factoids that help make these devotions so unique.

Girlz Rock
In this ninety-day devotional, devotions like “Who Am I?” help pave the spiritual walk of life, and the “Girl Talk” feature poses questions that really bring each message home. No matter how bad things get, you can always count on God.
God wants every girl to know she’s awesome in his sight. He cares about everything—from bullies to boys, friends to future goals, and disappointment to discoveries. As far as he is concerned, girlz rock! In this life-impacting devotional, God’s girlz will discover answers to the questions that boggle them most. Most of all, they will discover that God’s loving presence is rock solid and their faith in him can withstand anything.